“I have choosen this body and i have to prove, my choice is right.”

Hey! Welcome to my Blog.

My name is mukesh dhaka. I am 24 year old. I am disabled person.I like to read books,daily exercise and yoga. I like to contect with nature,talk with new peoples and spend time alone.I am always enjoy read books. So practically i am also like to write.I don’t know i am good or bad writer but i like to write thing that is really bad or good. i am also like to use my imagination for fun. I start this blog because i know i have something to write and when i have started writing and it’s amaze me. In this blog anyone can find my views about life, what i do and how i keep busy myself in worthy works.This blog changed my life with many ways. When i start writing on something i also see other aspect of that thing and learn more about it. By this way i can more express myself. This blog induce me to write more and more.Here you can get some cool life tips that i am using in my life. You can find a good way to feel light and satisfied process of life.

Keep reading, Thank you!

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