First Time Nominated for Liebster award

Hello friends ,This is first time that i have nominated for Liebster blogger award by sgnms.

Thank you so much my friend.

He is amazing writer ,you all should check his blog post. Click here-

11 facts about me.

1.I am handicapped and my left vocal system dont work properly.

2.I love listening to music.

3.l love to write.

4.I love to talk with others.

5. I talk less but i am laughing guy.

6.I always hear my heart’s voice.

7.I love to see new places.

8. I love nature very much.

9. I am self learner.

10.i just completed my post graduation.

11. My mind always think.. It’s kind problem.

Questions asked by nominators & My answers:-


1. Why did you start writing?

Ans- If i try to find a reason there is one memory in my soul and mind..

When i was in 8th class i read a story “The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank” in book. I think that was my first attraction for book and writing.

Now i want to be a good writer and i always try to understand things with my writing.

2. To whom do you give the most importance in your life?

Ans- My mother.

3. Who loves you the most ?Your favorite food?

Ans-I think my mother and sister.

My favourite food Sarso ka saag and chapati:)

4. Your favorite game?

Ans-Basketball but can’t play in home so now i dont play.

5. Your best friend’s name?

Ans-Bheem, pawan, vikas

6. Are you interested in meditation?

Yes. Because it’s very important for my peaceful mind, stress free day managment.

7. Where do you get the most peace of experience?

Ans-There is big open place in my house there open sky(i dont know what call that but its not garden because no grass there:). I love to sit there.

8. Have you helped anyone else? If yes, how?

Ans- I am helping my nephews and neighbour’s childrens in various subject.

9. What do you like science or literature?

Ans- both ,at different different time.

10. Your pet’s name?

Ans- Now i don’t have any pet but i had a male pitbull dog his name was jordan.

11. What one good advice do you want to give me?

Ans- Always help others, never hurt anyone and reaspect to others freedom because hell and heaven are feelings if you do good you feel good , if you do bad then feel bad and your life try escape from it with other bad external elements.

At End of the life nothing will matters just matters what right or wrong you did. Last days with regret or delight it’s based on our today life deed.

I want to nominate–

Motivational dairy


Sanjay ranout

Ankita bora


Just tips and stuff

Arun arpan


Child of god



I would like to ask my nominees 11 questions.

1.what is success for you?

2.what are your some innocent desires when you were child?

3.which animal do you like most and why?

4.why is seeing new places are so pleasurable for you?

5. Which is your favourite movie?

6. Which sport you like most?

7.what was your first writing thing?

8.are you feel like sometimes using emoji is exhausting you?

9.if you have choice to forget all bad memories ,what do you do?

10.which animation character is your favorite?

11.what do you think about my english?

Thank you! Have a good positive day.

28 thoughts on “First Time Nominated for Liebster award

  1. Thanks Mukesh
    Your courage and ambition towards life is your real assets. Never ever let them escape from you. Just be yourself, try to improve by every passing moments and you’ll certainly achieve your goal.

    Thanks for nomination
    I’ve been nominated by two angles also.. so I may take some time to prepare my response.. anyways I’ll back with my reply very soon.

    Stay blessed forever

    Liked by 3 people

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